Welcome to Automotive Minds

Automotive Minds has been created to provide those working in the automotive sector, with Mental Health and Wellbeing training courses, uniquely tailored to the industry. We also deliver “real world” Sales Executive and Management training, which presents simple, practical, and tried and tested methods, for improving employee engagement, management capability, sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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what we do

What we do

Automotive Minds places our clients in the driving seat, by offering a blended approach to employee learning and development. We offer onsite and virtual classrooms for bespoke training programmes, and a suite of e-learning courses, which allow our members to learn at their own pace.


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Our Purpose

To professionally develop and care for the minds of people who work in the automotive industry.

Our Principles

Learning – Develop courses that are motivational, enjoyable, and fit for purpose.
Compassion – Respect and support every client.
Integrity – Be open and honest and preserve the trust always.
Partnership – Engage and develop a long-term meaningful relationship.

Our Ambition

Together we will:
Reduce the stigma associated with Mental Health.
Make the Motor Industry the benchmark for equality and inclusivity.
Grow and retain the best talent.
Be proud of who we are and what we do.